Write to Know Consulting helps nonprofits, coalitions and public bodies gain clarity about priorities, develop new program opportunities, evaluate existing activities, and focus energy around goals that matter. We love working with people who work for the common good!

No formulaic approaches here; we relish a good challenge, and customize our approach to fit your ideas, insights and goals. Our services include:

  • Skilled facilitation that builds shared commitment for action, borne from a background of executive and board leadership, community organizing, mediation, and collaboration
  • Synthesis of complex information into actionable next steps, in the form of case statements, conference summaries, focus group and interview-based assessments and program evaluations, strategic plans, and more
  • Training and coaching for executive directors, management teams, boards and groups of organizations, to build strong, flexible structures for implementing with efficiency, creativity, impact and joy. This includes crafting business models for sustainable nonprofit revenue streams.
  • Partner for designing programs and projects in areas of subject matter expertise, including community development, economic development, leadership development, and capacity building

In all our work, we capture decisions and plans in clear, powerful writing to help you know and do good work long after our time together is complete. Hence, “Write to Know.”

Kathi Jaworski is the Principal of Write to Know. She brings over three decades of experience working with nonprofits and community partners, both rural and urban, at a local, regional, and statewide level. Please read on to learn more about us, or contact us to talk more about you!

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Genius grants for nonprofits- what a trend this could be!

15 Mar

I recently wrote about the MacArthur Foundation’s “Awards for Creative and Effective Institutions” for the Nonprofit Quarterly. Applications aren’t accepted, but what a great aspirational ideal for our sector!

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