Remembering how not to know it all

18 Jan

We are just back from a wonderful trip to Europe, thanks to the magic of frequent flier miles. We visited Istanbul, Prague, and Lisbon, all for the first time, not knowing anything of the local languages except for “please” and “thank you”! We awoke to morning prayer calls rolling one over the other (at 6:16 […]


Watching for orcas

23 Jul

Moving from orca watching to orca seeing is a journey of the senses. While I believe this story relates to nonprofit strategy and planning, I’ll let the reader draw that part out. This is just an experience on the ocean worth sharing for its own sake.


Cultivating nonprofit fans, revisited

23 Jan

Now that my beloved New England Patriots have made it to the 2012 Superbowl, I’m featuring an archived post on how nonprofits can learn from football fans– really– about building connections with their communities.


Paying attention: hard lesson from a smart phone

6 Nov

I do love my new iphone. It’s the first “smart phone” I’ve ever had, and though I resisted becoming constantly tethered to the web, I must say it’s very handy now that I have it. But now, after traveling out of state with my trusty new companion, I realize that I’ve become dumber in some ways.


Join us in New Zealand February 2012: Sustainable tourism study tour!

25 Oct

This coming February, I’m helping to lead a study tour to New Zealand for travel professionals, planners, and community developers who want to learn from a destination renowned for quality tourism experiences. What better way to learn than to experience it ourselves, and debrief that experience with New Zealand based travel industry professionals along the way!


Joining a club that will have you as a member: Tourism development lesson from Australia

7 Jul

Groucho Marx famously said he wouldn’t want to join a club that would have him as a member. Well, I disagree! It seems a common practice in Australia to offer free day passes to member-only establishments if one lives so many kilometers away from the community.


Creative tourism? Yes. Irresistible? Not so much . . .

27 Jun

Time will tell if a creative new “eco-tourism” adventure in the Philippines proves to be innovative from a business perspective as well. In the meantime, it’s certainly creative! But not my idea of a good time.


Make it worth rising before dawn: Part III lessons from New Zealand rural tourism development

25 Jun

I, a seriously non-morning person, convinced my husband that we should pay good money to be awakened before dawn for a day of adventure in Dunedin on the southeast coast of New Zealand. The draw, it turned out, was an irresistible package of local attractions, and I’d bet that many communities could do the same, albeit with different attractions.


Weaving a destination together: Part II lessons from New Zealand rural tourism development

23 Jun

Our recent experience traveling in New Zealand was so unlike anywhere else I’ve been, and, more importantly, so relevant and potentially replicable for rural communities here that it’s worth sharing. The most stunning difference was the strong system of logistical support for independent travelers, from one community to another, one activity to another, something more guided to something less guided. I’ve plucked one week out of our trip to illustrate these dynamics.


Shopping for opportunities

26 May

Would that we could whenever we wanted!