Two sides of civic engagement

10 Feb

In one week, I had two very different experiences with civic engagement. One worries me, one inspires me, and I don’t quite know what to make of the two side by side.


Who gives most, what women want, what’s new in the nonprofit world?

31 Jan

My recent newswires for the Nonprofit Quarterly include two reviews of intriguing new philanthropy research, one surprising overview of nonprofit history, and two stories about nonprofits and advocacy in my own town of Eugene.


The importance of consistent nonprofit character

17 Jan

I’m not going to name the charity that I’ve long supported but am now reconsidering. I wish I could say I’m wavering because something big and concrete happened. But really, nothing big happened, and that’s the big lesson.


Close encounter with an cultural icon

20 Dec

A cultural icon from my youth sat two feet behind me at dinner last week. What happened?


On hoarfrost and seizing the moment

7 Dec

Yesterday, the season’s first hard frost created an unworldly beauty, but it didn’t last. Next time I feel like putting off the work of grappling with a spark of inspiration because I’m “busy”, I’ll remember today.


An extraordinary conversation about building community

22 Nov

I recently facilitated a conversation with members of the “consumer council” for a local organization that serves people living with with serious mental illness and brain injury challenges. I didn’t know what to expect. I was inspired by what I experienced.


Project update: Grand opening at Wineries without Walls in Veneta

19 Nov

With seed funding from the City of Veneta and lots of volunteer sweat equity, the Fern Ridge Chamber of Commerce created the “Wineries without Walls” storefront as a community economic development initiative. There’s been a great side benefit to my work on the project feasibility analysis and business plan- I now have this great little place nearby with a wonderful collection of local, hard-to-find wines for the holidays!


Challenging, creative times in the nonprofit world

13 Sep

Latest postings for the Nonprofit Quarterly Newswire, starting with an inspiring chain of small kindnesses in Salem Oregon.


As April showers bring May flowers, summer plans yield autumn celebrations

31 Aug

What a disorienting season this odd-weathered summer has been. Now, as August ends, autumn is truly around the corner, and several clients from the past year are launching exciting new initiatives!


Eat, read, connect

29 Jul

Organic produce at a mini-mart? A library expressly for homeless people? An issue that conservatives and progressives agree upon? A hidden resource for nonprofit advocacy? Here are links to my most recent contributions to the Nonprofit Quarterly Newswire.