Project Update: An Oregon Timber Town Reinventing Itself

2 May

How are the people in Oakridge, Oregon reinventing their community? Prepare to be inspired!


Food Policy, Money and Politics, Helping the Homeless and Garlic Wars: Recent Nonprofit Quarterly Articles

18 Apr

This batch of articles covers a wide range of topics, from foreign policy to an ultra-local battle over ownership of a longstanding event; from how the wealthy may disproportionately influence politics, to a pragmatic grassroots project to help the homeless. I also include an article from NPQ’s Editor-in-Chief, Ruth McCambridge. The Nonprofit Quarterly is based in Boston, just blocks from where the explosions occurred. In her article written in the raw hours right after the bombs, Ruth’s reflections are full of compassion, grief, and grace.


Latest nonprofit buzzword of the year: Resilience

30 Jul

“Resilient” may be the new “sustainable” aspiration for the nonprofit sector. We can learn much about how resilience works from other disciplines such as biology, engineering and psychology. Here are some key transferable concepts.


An easy way to pay it forward

29 Jun

The job market today is really tough for many people. Speaking from positive experience, I’m advocating that as many of us as possible give informational interviews, let a new graduate shadow or even volunteer if you can’t pay for their services. Perhaps not even a new graduate– just someone who needs experience in our field. Seeing one door open is a source of encouragement in what are discouraging times.


Social impact bonds, economy and heart

29 Jun

More recent contributions to the Nonprofit Quarterly Newswire:


“Wrong” words rock!

16 May

Why Being Wrong is Good for You, by Kathryn Schultz. Back in the day, I would have clipped this article out of a magazine, copied it, and stuffed envelopes to everyone I know. Today, it’s easier to share!


Fresh crop of ideas for stronger local food systems

19 Apr

From corporate strategy to public policy to hands in the warm spring soil, it’s all about food.


It takes a village to raise a school

30 Nov

For years, the people of Coburg, Oregon (population 1,080) have heard that their elementary school will close because it’s not economically viable. This past June, 4J regional school district officials again warned that Coburg School would likely close within the year. City leaders and parents were once again discouraged about the future of their school. A small group of parents started strategizing. By November, when 4J Superintendent George Russell confirmed the closure as one of his recommendations to address a gaping budget deficit for the 2011 school year, something remarkable had happened in Coburg.


Telling the untold

17 Aug

Driving to Portland yesterday, I heard a news story about “untold casualties” from monsoon flooding in Pakistan. In contrast to the highway unwinding straight and flat before me, the concept of “untold” twisted and turned in my head. I’d heard the term many times before, but hadn’t paid attention to what it actually means.


Why nonprofits are like archipelagos, and why it matters

28 May

The term “archipelago” refers to a chain or scattering of islands that often share volcanic origins. Three recent articles about metaphors and the nonprofit sector have me seeing “archipelago” as an especially apt metaphor for framing nonprofit challenges and opportunities today.