How the art of wire twisting can inform nonprofit strategy

30 Apr

My recent foray into jewelry making has yielded a surprising epiphany about rebuilding and strengthening nonprofits. As with the jewelry, this insight seemed obvious once I saw it, but it required both a shift in my view of the challenge and a willingness to learn from another perspective.


Path for the new year

31 Dec

2011 leaves behind a trail of amazing questions and challenges that we could hardly imagine at this time last year. Here’s to a different new year!


Civic engagement, poverty, power and giving: Recent posts in Nonprofit Quarterly

22 Dec

Wide ranging topics in my latest postings for the Nonprofit Quarterly Newswire


On hoarfrost and seizing the moment

7 Dec

Yesterday, the season’s first hard frost created an unworldly beauty, but it didn’t last. Next time I feel like putting off the work of grappling with a spark of inspiration because I’m “busy”, I’ll remember today.


Five ways to change the world

29 Nov

Challenge motivation. Challenge assumptions. Challenge organization. Challenge authority. Challenge ourselves. Themes from my recent Nonprofit Quarterly articles.


An extraordinary conversation about building community

22 Nov

I recently facilitated a conversation with members of the “consumer council” for a local organization that serves people living with with serious mental illness and brain injury challenges. I didn’t know what to expect. I was inspired by what I experienced.


The future of philanthropy, zombies and more- recent posts from NPQ

1 Nov

Here are my most recent articles for the Nonprofit Quarterly’s Newswire. As an indication of how much nonprofits are craving good news, the “Pinch me . . .” story went viral, and has been featured by the Council on Foundation’s “Philanthropy in the News” and LinkedIn’s “Nonprofit Today”.


The gift of questions

31 Oct

I can’t remember when we’ve had such fundamental questions about our collective values as a society in my adult lifetime. So I’ve gathered some inspiring quotes about questions to inspire all of us to ask more questions, everyday!


The roots of nonprofit power need tending

28 Oct

The original source of power for the good work of non-profits, people who care about their communities, is all around us. But, according to Ruth McCambridge of the Nonprofit Quarterly, nonprofits today could do far more to harness this power.


Join us in New Zealand February 2012: Sustainable tourism study tour!

25 Oct

This coming February, I’m helping to lead a study tour to New Zealand for travel professionals, planners, and community developers who want to learn from a destination renowned for quality tourism experiences. What better way to learn than to experience it ourselves, and debrief that experience with New Zealand based travel industry professionals along the way!