Innovation resource and a four leafed clover

24 Sep

As a child, I could literally spend hours at a time searching our lawn for four leafed clovers. From time to time, I’d find one and ask my Mom to iron it between sheets of wax paper for safekeeping. Over time, I amassed a collection. I learned that four leafed clovers weren’t actually lucky or rare, but it took some focus to find them.

Sifting the web for consistently useful, stimulating and generous information on topics I care about, I’m reminded of my patient searches for four leafed clovers. When successful,  I remember the great satisfaction of finding a clover and bounding into the kitchen with a bit of treasured green in my carefully cupped palms!

In that spirit, I offer this four leafed clover of resources on innovation and creativity. The Heart of Innovation blog is sponsored by the New York based Idea Champions consulting firm. This post explores 14 Ways to Get Breakthrough Ideas. This one features an insightful video on “Where Good Ideas Come From.” And finally, in a link from the Heart of Innovation blog, Two is the Magic Number explores the science of why creative ideas emerge from partnerships and interaction, rather than from a genius pondering alone.

Nonprofits and small communities are not the target audience for the Heart of Innovation blog, but the tools really apply to nonprofit and community settings. These are the kinds of ideas and tools that I use while working with groups to design new initiatives, troubleshoot strategy, and adapt existing projects to advance their vision here in the Pacific Northwest. Explore! And please contact me to help you find the best creative action tools for your situation.