What do Bill Gates, classical music, hardballs and rural groceries have in common?

5 Apr

These are all topics I’ve covered recently as a new newswire contributor for the Nonprofit Quarterly. See article links below.

  • Bill Gates takes on states’ budgets: As states struggle to balance their budgets, Bill Gates says the recession is not the real problem. The real problem is deceptive accounting. But is that the whole story?
  • Small town puts its eggs in grocery store basket: How small can a small town be and still support a grocery store?  Led by students working with a local nonprofit, tiny Cody, Nebraska joins other trend-setting, trend-bucking towns to take on the challenge.

And, if you don’t already subscribe to the Nonprofit Quarterly magazine and its free daily newswire service, I recommend it as a great resource for interesting model programs, emerging policy, and spirited debate.