Fresh crop of ideas for stronger local food systems

19 Apr

We are finally getting some real sunshine here in western Oregon after what’s seemed to be the wettest, dreariest and longest winter ever! The rosemary is in bloom, the blueberries in flower, and the strawberries are shooting out new runners: it’s finally time to plant the vegetable garden in earnest!

It’s also fitting to have local agriculture and fresh food on the brain! In this post, I’m including two very different newswire articles I recently contributed to the Nonprofit Quarterly on this topic. I’m also highlighting articles about exciting local food systems work here in Oregon, sponsored by the University of Oregon’s RARE (Resource Assistance for Rural Environments) Program.  From corporate strategy to public policy to hands in the warm spring soil, it’s all about food.

Here are the NPQ article links:

And from the RIPPLE blog “Views and Voices of the Rural Northwest”, sponsored by Rural Development Initiatives, here’s a sample of the interesting projects profiled there: