“Wrong” words rock!

16 May

Here’s a link to a remarkable a TED talk and article, “Why Being Wrong is Good for You“,  by self-described “wrongologist” Kathryn Schultz. Back in the day, I would have clipped this article out of a magazine, copied it, and stuffed envelopes to everyone I know. It’s easier to share today than back then!

At a personal level, what the author observes makes me cringe to recall times when I was so sure of myself, and then was proven wrong, dead wrong: that heavy feeling of looking inwardly and seeing a big blob of hubris, deflated. It also elates me with a deeply felt truth, like sun bursting through an overcast sky (oh yes, this spring in Oregon has been so overcast!).

At a more global and political level, I wonder how much faster we’d solve some of the pressing problems being debated ad nauseum if we were more self-aware of the psychological, but not necessarily rational need to be right.

I want to hold this message front and center going forward. Perhaps it will resonate too with you!