Several posts on sustainability, and one on fair play

10 Jun

The saying goes that once you start envisioning something, the universe conspires to feed that vision. When I was considering buying a Subaru, the road seemed full of Subarus. When I became pregnant, all I saw were other round-bellied women swaying down the street like me. And recently, a spate of really interesting sustainability projects have come to my attention. So, that’s been the focus of my most recent articles for the Nonprofit Quarterly newswire.  As for the “fair play” post, it was just so incredible a story, I couldn’t ignore it; but it’s another topic altogether.  Although, come to think of it, there is a tie to community sustainability as well.

At the end of my NPQ links, I’ve added a link to an article that just came out today in the “Oregonian” newspaper. It’s about a very impressive alternative school that organizes its curriculum around sustainability principles. It made me wish I were still in high school!

Here’s the full rundown.

And here’s the Oregonian article about the Al Kennedy Alternative High School in rural Cottage Grove, Oregon. What a great community partnership lies at its foundation!