Civic engagement, poverty, power and giving: Recent posts in Nonprofit Quarterly

22 Dec

Here are my latest posts from Nonprofit Quarterly–

What’s the Best Tool for Ending Poverty? Hint: It’s Not a Tool: Longtime urban development leader Ben Hecht reflects on the 30 year evolution of his thinking about how to transform the lives of low-income people. Here, he shares a relatively recent epiphany that’s now being tested by Living Cities, the funder collaborative he heads.

To predict unemployment rates, look at civic engagement levels: States and metropolitan areas with more civic engagement in 2006 experienced smaller increases in unemployment rates between 2006 and 2010. What’s the cause and what’s the effect?

Court defends small nonprofit from corporate harassment: In a victory for free speech by the “little guys”, a U.S. District Court orders Chevron to compensate a small Oregon-based nonprofit for its time.

The Habit of Giving: It’s said it takes three weeks of daily repetition to establish a new habit, and this dynamic shapes several new web-based philanthropic challenges. How might these emerging models shape charitable giving?

The Face of Homelessness Around the World: Spurred by the annual census of Boston’s homeless population, the Boston Globe published a powerful photo essay of people without shelter around the world.  Don’t look away.

Could the information age make democracy less functional? New research on fish schools (yes!) has intriguing implications for work to increase civic engagement in an era where we’re all swamped with information.