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20 Mar

There is a season for everything, and apparently this past month hasn’t been one for blogging! It’s been very busy here at Write to Know, with new projects launching in Roseburg, the Columbia Gorge, the Central Oregon coast and here in Eugene.  Another project wrapped up this month, as the Sherman County Historical Society in Moro hired its first full time Executive Director.  It was my pleasure to work with the Board and volunteers to prepare for this big transition, and great to meet the new hire, Emily Apple. Welcome, Emily!

Oh, and I battled bronchitis and launched a new (side) business that is totally different from nonprofit consulting– more on that later. I can now feel spring’s energy just around the corner! Hope you can too!

In the meantime, here are my most recent newswire articles. NPQ has revamped its website, so I encourage you to check out all the good content while you are there!