Using words from your dissenters to bolster fund raising- an interesting example

5 Jun

In yesterday’s mail was a small envelope that got my attention from a charity with which I wasn’t familiar. Here’s what the envelope said on the front. Look at the tear marks on the envelope- It obviously and immediately piqued my curiosity!








Then, inside the envelope was a small folded card. This is what it said on the cover.









It still hadn’t fully hit me what the appeal was about, but I felt compelled to open the note card which contained a letter that opened as follows:










The organization, called the Center for Victims of Torture, has used its dissenters’ own words, from credible sources, to build the case for its work. And it does so in a compelling way. Whether or not one agrees with its message, the way in which the message is presented at least gets the envelope opened . . . which is half the battle in a competitive fund raising environment. Might this strategy work for your organization?