Outcome-based pay, transparency, innovation: New NPQ articles focus on these trends

20 Aug

My most recent contributions to Nonprofit Quarterly focus on three forces shaping public perception of nonprofit performance: outcome based payment models, financial health and transparency, and capacity for innovation. How are these forces affecting you?

  • Pay for Success Experiment Launches in Massachusetts: If given the opportunity, would your nonprofit be willing to stake its revenue on your ability to reduce specified state government expenses related to your target issues? That’s the deal being offered by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to two nonprofit organizations under a pilot “pay for success” funding model.
  • Where Nonprofits Perform Best Depends on the Measure: Charity Navigator recently released its ranking of the country’s thirty largest metropolitan areas in terms of the performance of their largest nonprofit organizations.  Based on a very specific definition of “high performance”, which cities top the rankings?
  • A Promising Example of Nonprofit Coordinated Health Care than Works: The experience of an award-winning Alaskan nonprofit is serving as a blueprint for the State of Oregon’s new system of coordinated health care. The lessons of its experience have implications not only for health care policy, but also for nonprofit innovation in general.

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