Nonprofit Assets: New Articles for Nonprofit Quarterly

20 Sep

The three latest articles I’ve written for the Nonprofit Quarterly newswire all deal with assets related to the nonprofit sector: the rise of web-based philanthropy in China, the uniquely shared nature of nonprofit leadership, and business ventures as a source of nonprofit revenue.

  • Dough Rising for Panera Bread Foundation: Panera Bread Company converts another for-profit restaurant into a nonprofit “Panera Cares” café. Does this mean it has found a viable social enterprise model?
  • A Call to Reinvest in Nonprofit Leadership’s Greatest Asset: A Detroit business leader argues that the nonprofit sector’s effectiveness most depends on the quality of its partnerships between professional and volunteer leaders. This intentionally shared leadership model, he notes, is a uniquely nonprofit challenge.
  • Why Pay Attention to Weibo Philanthropy?: Could social-media driven individual giving make the formal nonprofit sector obsolete? Probably not, but it’s worth paying attention to why this type of giving, known as Weibo philanthropy, is growing in one of the world’s most dynamic countries.