Project Update: An Oregon Timber Town Reinventing Itself

2 May

One of Write to Know’s larger consulting projects involves working with Travel Oregon to evaluate and document program design and outcomes for the Rural Tourism Studio program. When the program first launched, we focused on program design: developing a logic model to surface what indicators of progress might be expected, and then to investigate whether what was expected to happen did happen when we expected it to. We also looked for what was unexpected, with an aim toward building those lessons into program improvements. That was fun and useful, and the program is now cranking, but now the real fun begins as we turn our attention to documenting stories and successes from the field. Oakridge, Oregon was one of the first communities to participate in the Rural Tourism Studio, and there are some great successes there to celebrate!

Here’s an awesome video about Oakridge, just produced by Travel Oregon, in partnership with Andy Maser and Hayden Peters, a wonderful filmmaking crew and Write to Know. Write to Know surfaced the inspiring stories from the visionary leaders featured.  First see the video, and if you’d like to learn more about how people in a small town can reinvent their community, read the longer write ups below. Prepare to be inspired!

Update: The story is now featured at my favorite travel magazine as well, Afar! Check it out!