An Inspired New Year!

14 Jan

So many posts to write, so little time! No excuses! Here’s a preview of upcoming topics, inspired by work of the past year

  • Why cheesy initiation rites have value for nonprofits
  • Knowing when to say when- when quitting is a good thing
  • How to get your collaboration off to a strong start
  • A collaborative book I’m working on loosely modeled on “Letters to a Young Writer”: “Letters to a Young Idealist” of all the things I learned the hard way, along with the same from respected peers. A comedy, a legacy, both!
  • And an update on our latest projects and the accomplishments of our clients

But first, I want to share an excerpt from a wonderful poem that I am sharing with my friends and colleagues to celebrate the new year. Yes, even the holiday greetings are late this year!

It is from “To the New Year” by W.S. Merwin. May 2014 be inspired!