What matters now . . . pass it on

2 Jan

“What Matters Now” is a free e-book full of insight from lots of wonderful innovators about “things to think about (and do) this next year.”  Thank you, Seth Godin, for envisioning and creating this! The collective wisdom is far more than anything I could offer alone for the New Year. So this link is my offering. I’m positively inspired by all of it!

Seth challenges readers to continue the conversation: could I add anything?  I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions, but this question intrigues me. It’s actually hard to answer; if what I add is focused personally, it’s navel-gazing, over-sharing drivel. If it’s too broad, it’s pontificating!  Hmmm, is that fear lurking behind mere words?

Fear– that’s it!  There’s a Chinese proverb that says “leap and the net will appear”. It doesn’t say “leap and people will think you did a good thing.” It doesn’t say “leap and you’ll always be successful”. It doesn’t say “leap and everything will come easy”. What I think it says is “leap and you will see what you cannot see until you do”.

In 2009, this proverb was my inspiration. I left a very good job in a very good organization this past spring, on purpose. I left with just the loosest filament of a future plan in place, on purpose. I knew I wanted room in my life for things other than leading an organization and being “expert” on a narrow slice of what matters. What, I wasn’t quite sure. But I wanted to do what I wasn’t sure I could do. Day in, day out.

It has been a empowering, energizing year unlike any other I can remember. But it’s just a beginning. And that’s the point of leaping. There’s always a beginning of something new, waiting for someone to see it and move toward it. What matters now for me is to support my community, my business customers, and the causes I care about to see new possibilities by being more fearless.  How? Well, that’s the next step!

Add your thoughts. Pass it on.

-Kathi Jaworski