Zucchini Season

15 Sep

How could they have gone unnoticed?

These overgrown lugs

are solid; a man’s forearm,

leaning weight into every meal.

Dice into soup

with oregano and cheddar;

Matchstick and stir fry

with soy sauce and ginger;

Chop into curry

with cilantro and spinach;

Cut lengthwise and grill

brushed with garlic and lemon;

Pare thin and eat raw

with chopped mint and cayenne;

Slice thick and bake

with tomatoes and parmesan;

Shred and bake loaves

with cinnamon and cloves.

I surrender, zucchini!

I embrace you, zucchini!

For soon you’ll be gone

like long summer days.

– Kathi Jaworski