First followers, second fiddles, third places

6 Apr

Here are links to three great web posts about recurrent themes in this blog: leadership, the intersect between nonprofit and business practices, and community building. They’re specifically about first followers, second fiddles and third places!

First followers: I posted a blog last July 4 on the importance of following as well as leading, but I never felt I quite nailed my intended message. “Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy” is a You Tube video about leadership that expresses just what I wanted to say about followership. And, it made me laugh!

Second fiddles: while it’s important to borrow from effective business practice to operate effective nonprofits, I do tire of unsolicited advice on how to do business from folks who’ve never walked in nonprofit shoes. I tire of the underlying premise that the best nonprofits merely adopt innovative practices from other sectors, rather than initiate new practices from their own experience.  “Smart Management R Us” is a posting from Blue, a wonderful blog sponsored by Compass Point Nonprofit Services. It highlights successful practices that the corporate world has adopted from nonprofits! No more second fiddle for us!

Third places: Finally, “Coffee Shops as Third Places” is about the characteristics of physical spaces that nurture a strong sense of community. It’s from the South Dakota-based Rural Learning Center’s “Re-imagine Rural” blog. With so much attention on social networking technology as a community building tool, it’s nice to be reminded of how warm, aromatic, inelegant, sometimes noisy place-based connections are also vital in fostering learning, mutual support, problem solving and joy.