Congratulations to RIPPLE- Views and Voices of the Pacific Northwest

7 Jun

Here’s a BIG shout out to Oregon’s own RIPPLE website, its sponsor Rural Development Initiatives, and Upswell, the web designers who recently revamped the site. RIPPLE is such a great resource for rural communities, and it’s now beautiful as well! I’m not the only person who thinks so . . . the RIPPLE website just won the national 2010 Webvisionary award in the Information/Educational category. Wow!

Check out the RIPPLE audio stories and blog voices– these are folks who are passionate about their communities, eager to share knowledge and learn, and actively working on innovative rural revitalization projects. Hearing their energy and intelligence, I can’t help but be more optimistic about the future of small communities here in the Northwest.

Here are just SOME of my favorite posts:

Now, one more thing. Having worked at RDI for a long while(!), I know that the idea of RIPPLE dates back several years. RIPPLE’s evolutionĀ  is a fantastic example of taking an initial raw idea, testing it, learning from its users, building key partnerships, and persisting with purposeful implementation actions. The concept didn’t have to be perfect to start: it just had to be started. Heartfelt congratulations to everyone who’s helped build the vision!

Now, go visit RIPPLE!