January 2010 quotes of the month

1 Jan

Each language has magical words that convey deep nuanced meaning in just a few syllables.  Translated to English, they are wordy jumbles: in the original language, they are musical. Happy New Year!

Hygge- Danish

Cozy, warm, relaxing, people feeling connected, welcoming, cheerful ambience

Platzgeist– German

To capture the spirit of a place. Invented word in 1994 for a design exposition

Kokoro- Japanese

Heart, spirit, soul, feeling, mind, mood, opinion, sensibility . . .the mind of the heart and the heart of the mind

Bricolage– French

To make do with what is on hand

Zechut- Hebrew

To intentionally focus on what is most pure in each person. To give virtue the benefit of the doubt

Tamaviaartumik–  Kalaallisut (Greenland)

Passion, ambition and commitment

Ikce wicasa- Lakota

Common human being, not seeing yourself as better or worse than the next person

Vacilando– Spanish

To take one’s time getting from one place to another, to enjoy the journey. Invented meaning by John Steinbeck based on the Spanish verb vacilar, “to vacillate, to hesitate”