Oh my, this page is woefully out of date. Though we don’t think we’ve changed for the worse, come back soon for more recent references!

The references here are from Kathi’s leadership work prior to establishing Write to Know consulting. Some additional references from Write to Know clients are included on the “Results” page, but even those are now old!  Additional current references are available on request at any time.

“One of my best decisions as the new director of the Ford Institute in early 2003 was to partner with Kathi and RDI to deliver our community leadership program. Kathi’s substantial background in both community and organizational development enriched our program immensely and has directly benefited the many small towns and rural organizations we serve. Moreover, her style – a blend of creativity, dedication, clear expression and camaraderie – has made working together productive and enjoyable.”

– Tom Gallagher, Director, Ford Institute for Community Building, Roseburg, OR

“I was a rural Oregon elected official and served on the Board of Rural Development Initiatives when Kathi Jaworski was hired. I then became chair and worked with Kathi in that capacity for over 5 years. When Kathi joined RDI, we were struggling financially. Kathi had the foresight, organizational skills, and personal skills to not only find financial solvency and grow: with her direction, we became an effective facilitator of leadership development in rural communities. She is thoroughly grounded in rural development principles and practices, but also has great knowledge of many public systems. Kathi communicates clearly and analyzes accurately. She is extremely well organized and thorough in all that she undertakes. She is also unfailingly pleasant to work with and tolerant of diverse points of view. Kathi is a visionary and also an accomplished executive who makes things happen in difficult circumstances.”

Mike W. McArthur, Executive Director, Association of Oregon Counties

“Kathi is an exceptional strategic thinker with the rare ability to help organizations create a meaningful vision while also focusing on the necessary steps to attain results. Most recently Kathi led Rural Development Initiatives through major transitions of growth and change and in the process created an organization that is an outstanding resource for rural community revitalization. I recently recruited her to serve on a statewide Board of Directors with me because of her strong leadership skills, creativity and ability to address organizational challenges head on. “

– Mary Bosch, Principal, Marketek, Inc, Portland, OR

“I consulted with RDI while Kathi was Executive Director. I found her to be amazingly creative as she grew the organization, able to seize new opportunities and involve people in ways they never expected. She is meticulous in her attention to detail while always focusing on the big picture. I can enthusiastically recommend her in her new role as consultant to organizations.”

– Arty Trost, Principal, Organizational Dynamics, Sandy, OR

“I have had the opportunity to work with Kathi Jaworski on a range of projects and initiatives, and over a number of years. She is one of those rare people who can effortlessly span across strategic and tactical issues. Her program development and design skill are outstanding and she has an uncanny knack of putting her finger on the critical design features at just the right time. It has been a privilege to work with her and I have learnt from her insightful and lateral thinking.”

– David Beurle, Founding Director, Innovative Leadership Australia

“I worked with Kathi for almost 11 years when she was the Executive Director of RDI and I held senior leadership roles. At RDI, she fostered an entrepreneurial culture in which staff could learn and develop new initiatives while being accountable to organizational goals. She “walked her talk”, setting an example of vision, team work, collaboration and mentoring that enabled RDI to grow in scale and impact. She has a gift for refining complex concepts into focused next steps: this ability aided many of RDI’s successful new program ventures. When Kathi announced her resignation, I was honored that the RDI Board of Directors promoted me to become RDI’s next Executive Director. As a mentor, Kathi has helped prepare me to lead RDI in the changing economic and non-profit environment.”

Craig Smith, Executive Director, Rural Development Initiatives, Eugene, OR