Genius grants for nonprofits- what a trend this could be!

15 Mar

I recently wrote about the MacArthur Foundation’s “Awards for Creative and Effective Institutions” for the Nonprofit Quarterly. Applications aren’t accepted, but what a great aspirational ideal for our sector!

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Congratulations to Travel Oregon’s Rural Tourism Studio!

2 Mar

Inspiring videos and a big-time award for Travel Oregon’s Rural Tourism Studio program; so glad to be a part of this great initiative!

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On Poverty and more: Recent Articles on the Nonprofit Quarterly Newswire

8 Feb

Since June, after over 100 contributed articles, I’ve taken a break from my regular stint as a newswire writer for the Nonprofit Quarterly. But now I’m somewhat back in the saddle, albeit at a less intensive level. Here are the last three published articles.

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What’s your organization for?

6 Feb

On the shelf of my favorite books is one by rural advocate and poet Wendell Berry called “What are People for?” I love the direct, fundamental and not wholly answerable question, and we ought to be regularly asking the same of our organizations. “What are we for?”

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Cheesy initiation rites have value for nonprofits

22 Jan

I’ve served on many Boards of Directors doing “serious work”, but the experience of joining a new Board has sometimes been less than welcoming. As a result, the organizations are less than effective in engaging new Board members. Being welcomed into a local nonprofit recently really opened my eyes to the value of formal welcoming ceremonies that “serious” groups may disregard as silly.

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An Inspired New Year!

14 Jan

So many posts to write, so little time! No excuses! Here’s a preview of upcoming topics, inspired by work of the past year, along with a poem excerpt inspiring for the new year.

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Agritourism initiative in Oregon

17 Jun

I’ve been working with Travel Oregon as well as a group of partners including Oregon State University Small Farms program to cultivate a better environment for agritourism here. This work renews my gratefulness to those who steward the environment, preserve open space and beautiful vistas, and work the soil to put healthy delicious food on my table!

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