Results: Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides

Writing/Coaching Challenge: Guide staff to clarify needed organizational capacity improvements, articulate how improved internal capacity will increase program impact, and develop a proposal template that links organizational capacity funding to overall strategy and vision.

“The language Kathi helped us with describes our organization in a fresh way that is more compelling! The services she provided not only helped us complete our immediate project but provided us with a fresh approach to how we describe the work we do – we now have improved language and materials that we can use throughout our fundraising and program efforts. She has a flair for seeing things from a fresh “outsider” perspective and then writing with the values of the organization in mind.”

– Kim Leval, Executive Director, Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides

Update: In its 32nd year of operations, NCAP successfully secured first time funding (for capacity building) from major statewide foundation.