Evaluating to Learn

Here’s a list of resources for capturing relevant data about your progress toward outcomes, organizing and learning from that information as quickly as possible, and acting on it to increase your effectiveness. This blog post includes additional hand out materials from Write to Know’s “Evaluating to Learn” workshop.

Evaluation Plan Workbook (and link to on-line Logic Model Builder), Innovation Network (undated)

“Evaluation to Support Strategic Learning: Principles and Practices”, Julia Coffman and Tanya Beer, Center for Evaluation Innovation, 2011

Is My Nonprofit Organization Ready for Evaluation?, Hunter Consulting LLC, 2010

“Leap of Reason: Managing to Outcomes in an Era of Scarcity”, Mario Marino, Venture Philanthropy Partners, 2011

“Learning as we Go: Making Evaluation Work for Everyone”, Peter York, TCC Group, 2003

“Logic Model Development Guide”, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, 2004

“Measurement as Learning: What Nonprofit CEOs, Board Members and Philanthropists Need to Know to Keep Improving”, Jeri Eckhart-Queenan and Matt Forti, Bridgespan Group, 2011

“Participatory Evaluation Essentials: A Guide for Non-Profit Organizations and their Evaluation Partners”, Anita M Baker, Kimberly J Sabo, The Bruner Foundation, 2004

A Practical Guide for Engaging Stakeholders in Developing Evaluation Questions, Hallie Preskill and Nathalie Jones, FSG Social Impact Advisors, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2009

Purpose-Filled Evaluations, Katelyn Mack, FSG Knowledge Exchange, January 2, 2012

Seven Deadly Sins of Impact Evaluation, Matthew Forti, Stanford Social Innovation Review blog, February 22, 2012

Handbook of Practical Program Evaluation, Joseph S. Wholey, Harry P. Hatry, Kathryn E. Newcomer, Editors. John Wiley and Sons, 2010

“Performance Measurement” Theodore H Poister in Handbook. . .

“Using Logic Models”, John A McLaughlin and Gretchen B Jordan in Handbook. . .

Level Best: How Small and Grassroots Nonprofits Can Tackle Evaluation and Talk Results, Marcia Festen and Marianne Philbin, Jossey-Bass, 2007

The Manager’s Guide to Program Evaluation: Planning, Contracting and Managing for Useful Results, Paul W. Mattessich, Fieldstone Alliance, 2003

The Nonprofit Outcomes Toolbox, Robert M. Penna, John Wiley and Sons, 2011