Results: NPQ Newswire

Here are some of my favorite submittals to NPQ during 2011

Pinch Me, I Must be Dreaming: Is this the Future of Philanthropy?– NPQ’s most popular article of the year!

Why People Give

Want to Live Long and Prosper? Donate More!

Leadership Roles in a Leaderless Movement: Insights from Rural and Urban Occupy Experiences

To Predict Unemployment Rates, Look at Civic Engagement Levels

50 Years Later, the Story of the Peace Corps’ Rapid-Fire Start Still Breathtaking

A Lending Library for Street People

NHL Partnership Scores a Hat Trick for Freshwater Restoration during Stanley Cup Finals *

Seattle Gets Serious about the Pursuit of Happiness

Food: The New Local Sovereignty Frontier


Here’s an unsolicited note I received from one of the featured nonprofits*. It made my day!

“We have had a lot of press on this, and this is the best piece I have seen.  You did a brilliant job of putting all the pieces together and presenting them in an interesting, digestible way.  We will certainly be able to leverage this piece with existing and new WRC customers.  Thank you so much for your interest and work on this.  What a great start to my day.”

Todd Reeve
Vice President-Watershed Programs , Bonneville Environmental Foundation