Art and Name


Cameron Kaseberg is an Central Oregon-based artist who created “Line of Thought”, the main artwork for this website.  I’d admired his work from a distance for several years, but even more so when I learned that I already knew his mom as an energetic and devoted civic leader. I like her! So it was inevitable that Cameron and I would someday cross paths.

He uses a solvent transfer process (look closely and you can see his handprints in the background) combined with manipulated photographs to make his art. This particular piece, along with the logo graphic, was completed in November 2011, just for me!

Cameron’s art often features birds, and crows (smart and loyal!) in particular. I have always, always loved birds. Rescued birds from the family cat. Talked with birds– a bird whisperer, I dreamed– and drew them to my knee. Imagined myself as a bird in my high school yearbook (it was the Jonathan Livingston Seagull era!). My first business logo image was a bird (albeit clip art) to convey my belief that with the right words, ideas take wing. I knew I wanted my own “Write to Know” birds someday. So what if the quirky television series “Portlandia” skewered this idea in its opening season with a brilliant skit, “Put a bird on it” ? Neither Cameron nor I were deterred, and we enjoyed working together on this project!

Learn more about Cameron’s innovative work and the processes he uses at his website. I love to support local businesses and creative people. I love having a piece of art that speaks to me, and for me. Thanks, Cameron!


There is power in the written word: to convey vision, surface assumptions, confirm agreements and capture learning. Committing our ideas and intent to writing refines and transforms what we know.

This knowledge fuels effective action.

That’s why we “Write to Know”