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Remembering how not to know it all

18 Jan

We are just back from a wonderful trip to Europe, thanks to the magic of frequent flier miles. We visited Istanbul, Prague, and Lisbon, all for the first time, not knowing anything of the local languages except for “please” and “thank you”! We awoke to morning prayer calls rolling one over the other (at 6:16 […]


Using words from your dissenters to bolster fund raising- an interesting example

5 Jun

The first challenge of any written fund raising solicitation is to get the recipient to want to read on. This Minnesota based nonprofit has packaged its message in a compelling way.


Cultivating nonprofit fans, revisited

23 Jan

Now that my beloved New England Patriots have made it to the 2012 Superbowl, I’m featuring an archived post on how nonprofits can learn from football fans– really– about building connections with their communities.


Close encounter with an cultural icon

20 Dec

A cultural icon from my youth sat two feet behind me at dinner last week. What happened?


Social media, silver bullets, community foundations and more

25 May

Well before I became a contributing writer, I scanned the Nonprofit Quarterly newswire almost every day. Below are links to some of my recent contributions, but really, there are other articles way more interesting than mine! Check it out yourself!


Mindsets for nonprofit innovation- a preview!

23 Dec

I just delivered a new training for nonprofits on “Five Mindsets for Nonprofit Innovation”. It was quite fun! The photo below perfectly illustrates “flipping your concept”, one of the five mindsets featured in the workshop. It’s excerpted from a “you tube” fundraising clip recently created by an Oregon nonprofit.


Conversations that inspire action

31 Aug

You know the difference between a conversation that energizes you and one that saps you. What makes the difference?


Telling the untold

17 Aug

Driving to Portland yesterday, I heard a news story about “untold casualties” from monsoon flooding in Pakistan. In contrast to the highway unwinding straight and flat before me, the concept of “untold” twisted and turned in my head. I’d heard the term many times before, but hadn’t paid attention to what it actually means.


Congratulations to RIPPLE- Views and Voices of the Pacific Northwest

7 Jun

Here’s a BIG shout out to Oregon’s own RIPPLE website, its sponsor Rural Development Initiatives, and Upswell, the web designers who recently revamped the site. RIPPLE is such a great resource for rural communities, and it’s now beautiful as well! I’m not the only person who thinks so . . . the RIPPLE website just won the national 2010 Webvisionary award in the Information/Educational category. Wow!


Why nonprofits are like archipelagos, and why it matters

28 May

The term “archipelago” refers to a chain or scattering of islands that often share volcanic origins. Three recent articles about metaphors and the nonprofit sector have me seeing “archipelago” as an especially apt metaphor for framing nonprofit challenges and opportunities today.