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Why I won’t twitter

19 Feb

For the same reason I never bought a camcorder: I want to be where, when, and with whom I am. Don’t want to multi-task with more ease! Don’t need more sound bites! Enough!!


Cultivating nonprofit fans

12 Feb

Cultivating passionate fans is a critical skill for nonprofit leaders. Research demonstrates that effective nonprofits “inspire evangelists” in support of their mission. How exactly can we do this? We can draw surprising lessons for nonprofits by observing what drives ordinary people to roam city streets in costume and pay thousands of dollars to attend the Superbowl game.


Consider your source

22 Jan

For organizations stretched to meet unprecedented demand for vital services, it’s tough to feel good about the past year. Many such organizations are nonprofits, and much sector news features stories of layoffs, service cuts, retrenchment and broken systems. The news about what’s missing, and what’s been missed, is definitely part of a true story. But it’s not everything.


What matters now . . . pass it on

2 Jan

There’s a Chinese proverb that says “leap and the net will appear”. It doesn’t say “leap and people will think you did a good thing.” It doesn’t say “leap and you’ll always be successful”. It doesn’t say “leap and everything will come easy”. What I think it says is “leap and you will see what you cannot see until you do”.



9 Dec

What are you expecting for your organization? Your community? Your life? Have you said it out loud?