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Creativity is the most important leadership skill, say 1500 global CEOs

15 Jul

To better understand emerging global business trends, IBM has conducted extensive personal interviews with chief executive officers every two years since 2004. According to the 2010 report, CEOs cite “creativity” as the most important leadership quality for business success in the next five years. Drawing on their insights, here’s my take on what makes a creative leader for communities and nonprofits as well.


Community in a box

31 Mar

“Is that tiramisu in there?”

“Maybe carrot cake, my favorite?”

“Must be a special day!”

“Whatever it is, mmmmmm!”

These are unsolicited comments I received as I zipped from errand to errand this morning. All because I was carrying a baby shoe sized box with a burnished rectangular label.


Ten habits of highly effective communities . . . and dieters

19 Jan

Both dieting and community revitalization involve getting used to new habits and behaviors so that they become second nature. To launch the new year, here’s my list of ten things that dieting and community revitalization have in common. Really!


Making big ideas small

21 Dec

In the recent “Small is Beautiful” post, I was all jazzed up about “making big ideas small” as a strategy for sustaining effective social change efforts. Since then, I’ve been thinking about how this actually works. I’ve been scouring my own experience and that of other organizations to create a starting list of underlying practices.