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Mindsets for nonprofit innovation- a preview!

23 Dec

I just delivered a new training for nonprofits on “Five Mindsets for Nonprofit Innovation”. It was quite fun! The photo below perfectly illustrates “flipping your concept”, one of the five mindsets featured in the workshop. It’s excerpted from a “you tube” fundraising clip recently created by an Oregon nonprofit.


Ashoka “strong communities” innovation competition; Be inspired!

28 Sep

Though I’m ambivalent about using web voting to drive investment in nonprofits (all the pluses and minuses of a middle school student council election/popularity contest), I love web-based competitions as platforms for disseminating promising new ideas. Ashoka Changemakers and the CommunityMatters network are hosting a competition for “Strong Communities: Engaging Citizens, Strengthening Place, Inspiring Change”. Read about the eight finalists here.


Innovation resource and a four leafed clover

24 Sep

Here’s a great resource for innovation and creativity. Nonprofits and small communities are not the target audience, but the tools really apply to these settings. These are the kinds of ideas and tools that I use while working with groups to design new initiatives, troubleshoot strategy, and adapt existing projects to advance their vision here in the Pacific Northwest.


Crisis of creativity?

25 Aug

While global CEOs flag “creativity” as today’s most essential leadership competency, we’re losing ground in terms of preparing future generations in the United States to hone their creativity skills. Or are we?


The power of seeing what isn’t planned

13 Aug

I took lots of pictures at the wedding of a good friend this past weekend in Northeast Oregon. My absolute favorite picture, however, was totally unplanned. I didn’t realize I had taken this picture at all until I reviewed the set. In fact, I didn’t realize I had even seen this particular vignette. Discovering this hidden gem in the rough hay of shots, I’m reminded that when we can see what we didn’t plan to see, we’re richly rewarded. Two specific community leadership applications come to mind


A good idea is in the doing

12 Aug

What is a good idea? To quote Paul Arden, author of “Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite”–

“One that happens is. If it doesn’t, it isn’t.”


Creativity is the most important leadership skill, say 1500 global CEOs

15 Jul

To better understand emerging global business trends, IBM has conducted extensive personal interviews with chief executive officers every two years since 2004. According to the 2010 report, CEOs cite “creativity” as the most important leadership quality for business success in the next five years. Drawing on their insights, here’s my take on what makes a creative leader for communities and nonprofits as well.


Seduced by Swiffer: on innovation and inconsistency

20 May

Proctor and Gamble’s popular line of Swiffer cleaning products nearly didn’t make it out of the innovation gate.


Five mindsets for tourism business innovation

15 Apr

Innovation is the process of “creating something useful through the implementation of new ideas.” Whatever the source, most initial ideas emerge only half-baked. The following five mindsets can help you to recognize and develop promising ideas into innovative and viable business products.


Five mindsets for business innovation

4 Jan

I’ll admit it– this post is a teaser! I’m designing a new workshop on this topic for the 2010 Oregon Governor’s Conference on Tourism in April.