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What’s your organization for?

6 Feb

On the shelf of my favorite books is one by rural advocate and poet Wendell Berry called “What are People for?” I love the direct, fundamental and not wholly answerable question, and we ought to be regularly asking the same of our organizations. “What are we for?”


Evaluating to learn: workshop materials

10 Jan

Here is information from a new nonprofit evaluation workshop I’ve delivered in different forms recently. The workshop features a particular kind of evaluation called “performance improvement”, which focuses on evaluating your work in real time for the purposes of learning how to do it better so that you can achieve your goals.


Evaluating to learn: Resources Posted

26 Oct

Here is a list of resources, many of which are free on-line, for learning more about building a practical system for tracking and using information on a real-time basis to plan better, implement better and adapt better to achieve your goals.


Evaluating to learn: Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can

1 Oct

“You don’t make the hog fatter by weighing it.” This Midwestern farm proverb describes a particular type of nonprofit evaluation that’s the focus for a new workshop I’m delivering.


Nonprofit evaluation, funding challenges, Peace Corps: Four new NPQ postings

30 Sep

Though I can’t find a unifying theme in my most recent news wire posts for the Nonprofit Quarterly,the stories from which they draw are all interesting! This batch includes a retrospective look at the Peace Corps, financial challenges at two different nonprofits for two different reasons, and highlights from a new book on nonprofit evaluation.