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“Wrong” words rock!

16 May

Why Being Wrong is Good for You, by Kathryn Schultz. Back in the day, I would have clipped this article out of a magazine, copied it, and stuffed envelopes to everyone I know. Today, it’s easier to share!


Five mindsets for nonprofit innovation

30 Dec

Whether or not you consider yourself creative, you’ve undoubtedly contributed to innovation. This is because innovation is largely a social, iterative process of developing, building upon and testing ideas over time. Here are some great examples of mindsets for innovation in the nonprofit arena.


Crisis of creativity?

25 Aug

While global CEOs flag “creativity” as today’s most essential leadership competency, we’re losing ground in terms of preparing future generations in the United States to hone their creativity skills. Or are we?


The power of seeing what isn’t planned

13 Aug

I took lots of pictures at the wedding of a good friend this past weekend in Northeast Oregon. My absolute favorite picture, however, was totally unplanned. I didn’t realize I had taken this picture at all until I reviewed the set. In fact, I didn’t realize I had even seen this particular vignette. Discovering this hidden gem in the rough hay of shots, I’m reminded that when we can see what we didn’t plan to see, we’re richly rewarded. Two specific community leadership applications come to mind


Creativity is the most important leadership skill, say 1500 global CEOs

15 Jul

To better understand emerging global business trends, IBM has conducted extensive personal interviews with chief executive officers every two years since 2004. According to the 2010 report, CEOs cite “creativity” as the most important leadership quality for business success in the next five years. Drawing on their insights, here’s my take on what makes a creative leader for communities and nonprofits as well.


Why nonprofits are like archipelagos, and why it matters

28 May

The term “archipelago” refers to a chain or scattering of islands that often share volcanic origins. Three recent articles about metaphors and the nonprofit sector have me seeing “archipelago” as an especially apt metaphor for framing nonprofit challenges and opportunities today.


First followers, second fiddles, third places

6 Apr

Here are links to three great web posts about recurrent themes in this blog: leadership, the intersect between nonprofit and business practices, and community building.


On battles and transformation

19 Mar

While few people say they seek out or enjoy battles, many people say they’re transformed by battles in a positive way.


Starved for attention- the Academy Awards and nonprofits

8 Mar

It’s ironic that success can eat at us. There’s something wrong with trying to function on less than is healthy or even humanly possible in order to gain reputation or to retain relevancy. Yet, doing just that is not only the norm for Hollywood actresses.


Cultivating nonprofit fans

12 Feb

Cultivating passionate fans is a critical skill for nonprofit leaders. Research demonstrates that effective nonprofits “inspire evangelists” in support of their mission. How exactly can we do this? We can draw surprising lessons for nonprofits by observing what drives ordinary people to roam city streets in costume and pay thousands of dollars to attend the Superbowl game.