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An Inspired New Year!

14 Jan

So many posts to write, so little time! No excuses! Here’s a preview of upcoming topics, inspired by work of the past year, along with a poem excerpt inspiring for the new year.


Anticipating more than snow

22 Nov

Here on the floor of the southern Willamette Valley, snowfall is rare, especially this time of year. Yet for the past several days, our news has been full of snow talk. As I work, I watch. The still air by the window frames has become progressively more damp and cold. In the last hour, the raindrops have swelled heavy as peas and viscous as honey. Whether or not the snow comes, the anticipation is an energizing joy. What if we could infuse every day with such anticipation?


Zucchini Season

15 Sep

My neighbor, Poet Nancy Carol Moody, featured this poem of mine in “The Front Porch Poetry Project” this month. This project places whimsical “poetry boxes” (just like those that hold real estate fliers) filled with the work of local poets in neighborhoods around the Willamette Valley.