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Weaving a destination together: Part II lessons from New Zealand rural tourism development

23 Jun

Our recent experience traveling in New Zealand was so unlike anywhere else I’ve been, and, more importantly, so relevant and potentially replicable for rural communities here that it’s worth sharing. The most stunning difference was the strong system of logistical support for independent travelers, from one community to another, one activity to another, something more guided to something less guided. I’ve plucked one week out of our trip to illustrate these dynamics.


Rural tourism development: Lessons from New Zealand

2 Mar

Located at roughly the same latitude south as Oregon is north, New Zealand has similar population density and land mass. Both places have volcanic mountains, dramatic shoreline, rich culture, quirky arts, verdant forests, great wine and strong environmental stewardship. This first of what I anticipate to be several posts focuses on tourism development innovations inspired by our recent trip to New Zealand!


Five mindsets for tourism business innovation

15 Apr

Innovation is the process of “creating something useful through the implementation of new ideas.” Whatever the source, most initial ideas emerge only half-baked. The following five mindsets can help you to recognize and develop promising ideas into innovative and viable business products.


Five mindsets for business innovation

4 Jan

I’ll admit it– this post is a teaser! I’m designing a new workshop on this topic for the 2010 Oregon Governor’s Conference on Tourism in April.