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Labor Day musings on change

2 Sep

Happy Labor Day weekend! This quiet weekend has me thinking about transitions—how we often know that they’re underway long before they’re official, and how such transitions pull us into a suspended state between wanting to appreciate what we have and wanting to move toward something new and less known.


Watching for orcas

23 Jul

Moving from orca watching to orca seeing is a journey of the senses. While I believe this story relates to nonprofit strategy and planning, I’ll let the reader draw that part out. This is just an experience on the ocean worth sharing for its own sake.


Path for the new year

31 Dec

2011 leaves behind a trail of amazing questions and challenges that we could hardly imagine at this time last year. Here’s to a different new year!


Close encounter with an cultural icon

20 Dec

A cultural icon from my youth sat two feet behind me at dinner last week. What happened?


An extraordinary conversation about building community

22 Nov

I recently facilitated a conversation with members of the “consumer council” for a local organization that serves people living with with serious mental illness and brain injury challenges. I didn’t know what to expect. I was inspired by what I experienced.


Paying attention: hard lesson from a smart phone

6 Nov

I do love my new iphone. It’s the first “smart phone” I’ve ever had, and though I resisted becoming constantly tethered to the web, I must say it’s very handy now that I have it. But now, after traveling out of state with my trusty new companion, I realize that I’ve become dumber in some ways.


The future of philanthropy, zombies and more- recent posts from NPQ

1 Nov

Here are my most recent articles for the Nonprofit Quarterly’s Newswire. As an indication of how much nonprofits are craving good news, the “Pinch me . . .” story went viral, and has been featured by the Council on Foundation’s “Philanthropy in the News” and LinkedIn’s “Nonprofit Today”.


The gift of questions

31 Oct

I can’t remember when we’ve had such fundamental questions about our collective values as a society in my adult lifetime. So I’ve gathered some inspiring quotes about questions to inspire all of us to ask more questions, everyday!


The roots of nonprofit power need tending

28 Oct

The original source of power for the good work of non-profits, people who care about their communities, is all around us. But, according to Ruth McCambridge of the Nonprofit Quarterly, nonprofits today could do far more to harness this power.


An easy way to pay it forward

29 Jun

The job market today is really tough for many people. Speaking from positive experience, I’m advocating that as many of us as possible give informational interviews, let a new graduate shadow or even volunteer if you can’t pay for their services. Perhaps not even a new graduate– just someone who needs experience in our field. Seeing one door open is a source of encouragement in what are discouraging times.